Bienstar Wellness enters Brazilian Psychedelic Market by signing a Binding Letter of Intent to Acquire BRC Saude Mental E Terapias Assistidas, a psychedelic institution focused on ibogaine treatment, founded by Dr. Bruno Rasmussen. Additionally, Bienstar has appointed Dr. Rasmussen as its Chief Medical Officer

● Dr. Rasmussen has 27 years of experience and has treated over 2,500 patients with psychedelic substances.
● BRC conducts legal ibogaine treatments in Brazil, and will allow to develop ketamine treatments.
● Dr. Rasmussen is a Certified MAPS MDMA Therapist.
● Dr. Rasmussen is the medical head of the only MDMA clinical trial in Latin America and co-author of both Brazilian clinical studies on ibogaine for substance abuse treatment.

March 21, 2022 – Bienstar Wellness Corp. (“Bienstar” or the “Company”), an integrative mental health company specialized in psychedelic medicine, with its core operations in Latin America, is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a binding letter of intent dated March 18, 2022 to acquire 100% of BRC Saude Mental E Terapias Assistidas Ltda. (¨BRC¨) a Brazilian psychedelic institution specialized in ibogaine treatments for substance abuse.

Brazil is the largest market in Latin America, with a population of 215M, where ketamine and ibogaine substances are legal for medical use in psychotherapies. Ibogaine use is regulated by national Decree, positioning Brazil as one of the few countries where ibogaine substance use is legal and regulated.

BRC is owned and led by Dr. Bruno Rasmussen Chaves (¨Dr. Rasmussen¨), who is being appointed Chief Medical Officer of Bienstar. Dr. Rasmussen has treated over 2,500 patients within the last 27 years with integrated mental health psychotherapies using psychedelic substances, mainly through ibogaine treatments in Brazil. Dr. Rasmussen graduated in Medicine at Escola Paulista de Medicina, UNIFESP in 1984, specialized in Internal Medicine in 1985 and in Gastroenterology in 1986. He is a highly recognized Doctor in Brazil and abroad. Dr. Rasmussen has held important positions in the medical community over the years such as;

  • Medical of the only MDMA clinical trial being develop in Latin America
  • Certified at MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies) in MDMA Therapy Training Program
  • Former Chief of the Emergency Room of the Medical Clinic of São Paulo Hospital;
  • Secretary of Health of Espírito Santo do Turvo;
  • President of COMEN, Municipal Narcotics Council of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, SP;
  • President of the Associação Paulista de Medicina, Chapter Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo;
  • Scientific researcher registered at SENAD, National Secretariat for Drug Policies.

BRC owns an Assignment of Operation Rights agreement with Dr. Rasmussen, where he assigned to BRC the development of all therapies with psychedelic substances developed by Dr. Rasmussen, as well as his patient network. With the completion of the acquisition, Dr. Rasmussen will enter into an Agreement with BRC for treating patients with mental health therapies and psychedelic substances for BRC.

Marco Algorta, Bienstar Co-founder and CEO stated, ¨This acquisition represents a significant step in our company’s strategy and brings us closer to becoming the leading company developing mental health treatments with psychedelic substances in Latin America. Dr. Rasmussen incorporation to the team as CMO and medical practitioner equips Bienstar with over 25 years of medical experience in therapies with psychedelics substances, a broad network of patients and an exceptional market access¨ Dr. Bruno Rasmussen, founder of BRC and Bienstar’s CMO stated, ”Joining Bienstar allows me to enhance and maximize my experience and knowledge in mental health treatments with psychedelic substances, allowing me to further scale my practice and positively impact the lives of many more patients”

About Bienstar Wellness Corp.

Bienstar Wellness Corp. is a company focused on bringing alternative mental health treatments to Latin America. Bienstar will provide psychedelic assisted psychotherapy with approved substances, through a network of clinics across the region, including Brazil, Mexico, Perú, Uruguay and Panama where it will start treat patients with depression, mood disorders and substance abuse, affecting over 16.3 million people in Brazil.

Compliance is at the core of Bienstar’s values, and its operations are fully compliant with all local regulations.

Bienstar offers effective and safe Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy protocols for the treatment of depression and other treatment-resistant mental health conditions, helping our patients build better and more fulfilling lives. With a focused regional strategy and patient oriented approach, by merging medical and psychosocial treatment models with psychedelic-assisted therapies, Bienstar protocols will help patients overcome deep-rooted traumas and psychic issues behind problems such as substance abuse, chronic pain compulsions, and other complex treatment and origin conditions.

Bienstar is led by Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Marco Algorta, together with an experienced executive team, and a knowledgeable Board of Directors.

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